Campus Sport – case study


Campus Sport provides students the opportunity to make new friends and socialise throughout their whole time at University, as well as play regular, competitive fixtures in a number of sports. The case study below demonstrates how powerful the programme can be in helping students make life-long friendships, develop leadership skills, and enhance their experience at University.


Team: Hangover ‘96

League: 11-a-side Football (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)


We just wanted to play a fun & enjoyable game of football each week, but it still be competitive. Participating in the leagues also gives us a chance to enjoy regular exercise and socialise with each other – Lloyd Bowman, team captain.


  1. When was Hangover ’96 created?

Hangover 96 was created at the end of the UPFC trial in September 2012, when the football activator told us about the opportunity to play regular competitive football even though we hadn’t all made it to the BUCS teams, through Campus Sport. I volunteered to be captain, and several of my team mates (who were strangers at the time) approached me to say they wanted to be involved.


  1. Why was Hangover ‘96 created?

We all had a keen interest to carry on playing football upon joining University. I recall we had a casual team social once we decided to join Campus Sport, where we all met up and introduced ourselves and began to get to know each other. It was great, as it enabled us all to widen our friendships groups by meeting fellow students from different backgrounds and cultures.


  1. Which leagues have you participated in, and how many members are involved?

We have entered an 11-a-side team to one of the Saturday leagues for every semester since joining university in 2012. Each year we have approximately 18 players involved in the squad, however the majority of the initial players graduated in 2015. Fortunately, a few of us went on a placement year last year, so we have been able to continue with the team by coming back and roping a few more friends in!


  1. What success have Hangover ’96 had, and has anyone progressed into additional University or Community Football?

In 2014, we were fortunate enough to be selected to represent the University in an Inter-University fixture away at Southampton for Varsity. Although we didn’t put in our best performance it was still a very enjoyable day! In our first semester together, we beat both UPFC development teams in the Campus Sport league, and went unbeaten all the way to the final which we narrowly lost – but it was still a great achievement considering we had only just started playing football with each other. In 2014, we entered a 6-a-side tournament and won that, and finally in what were many of the original team members’ final game at University, we won the 11-a-side intramural final which felt like a fitting and rewarding end to many of the lad’s time at University.

I’m aware that several of the lads in our team have kept playing football in their local communities upon graduating from the University.


  1. Why does Hangover ‘96 participate in the Campus Sport leagues?

The entire team had an interest in playing football. We are all of different skill levels and have different experiences from previously playing football but we all just wanted to play a fun and enjoyable but competitive game of football each week. By participating it also enables us to enjoy regular exercise and to socialise with each other.


  1. What is the most enjoyable part of participating in Campus Sport?

The Campus Sport Programme has been a key enjoyment factor during my time at the University of Portsmouth and has enabled me to meet new friends from various cultures & backgrounds that I believe helped me settle into University life. It has also helped me develop key life skills such as commitment & teamwork which I’ve been able to demonstrate when attending interviews for both placement and graduate roles. Campus sport has also helped me maintain physical fitness through regular fun, competitive sport and I would recommend it to anybody to take part in.