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Amy Sanchez

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Be confident to try something new, even if its on your own, as you will quickly make new friends.



What activity or sport do you regularly participate in?



What do you love most about physical activity?

Physical and mental challenges, socialising with others who share a passion for the same sport.


Can you tell us about your favourite activity or sport you currently do, why you enjoy it and what’s it’s like to take part in?

I do gymnastics four times a week, with the university and with a local adult group.  Sessions are flexible and I am free to work on whatever I’d like to learn. There are always lots of positive people around to help me out and to motivate me to do better.  A small group of us like to enter competitions, and I really enjoy taking part in these with other adult gymnasts from around the UK.


Can you tell us how you got involved in physical activity?

I started gymnastics as a child and never stopped.


What do you think the biggest challenge is for women participating in physical activity?

Finding other women or friends to go with (I am the only girl at some sessions).


What motivates you to regularly continue participating in physical activity?

I enjoy always learning something new, and meeting people who share my interests.


How do you balance your studies/work, your social life and your physical activity?

I work hard during the day so that I can enjoy doing sport in the evenings, and sport forms a big part of my social life.


If you could give one bit of advice to those thinking of getting involved in physical activity, what would it be?

Be confident to try something new, even if its on your own, as you will quickly make new friends.

This Girl Can is a national campaign developed by Sport England, encouraging women of all abilities to get active. Returning between the 19th- 25th of November, the week has loads of ways for you to get involved. Partnering with UPSU for the week, we have a great range of opportunities available. From FREE gym sessions to sport sessions to trying your hand at ‘Strictly’ style dancing, there is something for every girl.


The sessions are more focused on breaking down barriers, keeping you happy and healthy than your ability, so give it a go. There’s no judgement, so forget about your face getting red, remembering the steps and just get involved! Because after all #fithappens.


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