Back and Biceps Workshops

Back and Biceps Workshop

Are you looking to develop your back muscles? Build bigger and stronger Biceps ? This workshop will teach you the perfect techniques to enable and engage these important muscles. “Biceps are like an ornament on a Christmas tree” – Ed Coan


Who is it for?

FREE for all members wanting to learn about variations of bicep work using functional movements and equipment. This workshop is ideal for beginners as well as experienced lifters who want to push their workouts.

What will the workshop cover?

This workshop will run through the training of one of the largest muscle groups and also one of the smallest. You will learn and develop your technique with our Instructor. Consequently they’ll ensure each exercise you perform maintains perfect form. When you then train on your own your technique should be correct when you train these core muscle groups. Back muscles in particular can be sensitive to injury, so you’ll need to be careful and ensure correct form is used. This is where these sessions can really benefit any beginners, intermediate and even regular gym goers. From ensuring your form is spot on to showing you different styles of training these session are all round a great way to learn and develop your gym workouts.
The session will take place in the gym using a range of equipment such as barbells and dumbbells as well as resistance and cable machines.

How can I book on?

Members can book through our app UOP Sport, online or at either St Paul’s or Spinnaker Sports Centres


This workshop forms part of our gym programme launching in January 2019. For more information, please visit our gym programme page, check out our other articles or email
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