Gym Challenges 2019

Our gym challenges are a fantastic way to test your abilities in a particular area. Try it before or after your workout and challenge your mates.

February Gym Challenge: 

How many push ups can you do in a minute?

Test yourself in this showing of strength endurance. The exercise must be completed on toes, however you can regress to knees which will be counted as half reps. Range of motion must reach at least a 90 degree flexion angle in the elbow.


What do members need to do?

Grab a member of staff and find some space in the gym. We’ll start the timer and record your reps.

January Gym Challenge:

Hang Challenge

  • Female Winner: Eglantine Julle-Daniere – Hang time: 2 minutes, 01 seconds
  • Male Winner: Nathan Andrade – Hang time: 6 minutes, 00 seconds
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