Lunge Workshops

Lunge Workshop

A lunge is used in most daily life situations when you’re not performing a deadlift type move. This workshop will teach you how to perform lunges effectively, using a variety of equipment and moves. Find out why a lunge should be in every gym programme.

Who is it for?

Free for all members wanting to learn about lunges or looking for a new way to boost their leg workouts. This workshop is ideal for beginners as well as experienced lifters who want to push their workouts. 


When are they happening?

7th March  17:30-18:15

4th April 17:30-18:15


What will the workshop cover?

Within this workshop we will be working on the different variations of the lunge. We’ll be running through the type of muscle groups the lunge targets. You’ll work through different formats, changing rest periods, sets and reps for different styles of training. This workshop will work the lower body hard and really isolate certain muscles and use lots of core engagement.
In this session you’ll learn new ways to train the lower body safely and correctly, using a variety of equipment. You’ll understand which muscles should be under tension and working hard while performing the lunge. Its a great way to try out different equipment in styles you might not of thought about before.

How can I book on?

Members can book through our app UOP Sport, online or at either St Paul’s or Spinnaker Sports Centres


This workshop forms part of our gym programme launching in January 2019. For more information, please visit our gym programme page, check out our other articles or email
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