Squat Workshops

Squat Workshop

This workshop covers the basics of the squat technique and other variations of the squat. Throughout the workshop we will go over different ways to train in this style and how to use different equipment, such as bars, dumbbells, body weight to develop your squat.

Who is it for?

FREE for all members wanting to learn about squats or looking for a new way to boost their leg workouts. This workshop is ideal for beginners or experienced lifters who want to push their workouts.

What will the workshop cover?

This workshop will run through different squat techniques. The Squat is a major compound movement that burns lots of calories due to the large amount of muscles used to perform it. It is an  essential movement in most workout plans due to the application to daily life. We squat when we sit, stand, when we bend to pick up something from the floor so it’s an essential skills to master to prevent injury.

You’ll discover the muscles worked and the benefits gained from squatting. Have a specific problem with your squat that you would like to resolve? Speak to our Health and Fitness team before booking on. This is a great chance to learn the benefits of the exercise and how to incorporate it into your routine, why would you not want to come and learn some new exercises?

“This is Quadgoals” – Alex Cole


How can I book on?

Members can book through our app UOP Sport, online or at either St Paul’s or Spinnaker Sports Centres


This workshop forms part of our gym programme launching in January 2019. For more information, please visit our gym programme page, check out our other articles or email sport@port.ac.uk.
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