Upper Body Workshops

Upper Body Workshop

This workshop will run teach you training of the various muscle groups across the upper body. You’ll cover moves using different formats of sets as well as different rep ranges. You’ll learn how to train certain muscle groups using a variety of equipment like dumbbells, barbells, cables as well as your own body weight. This workshop will show you how to train the upper body muscles effectively and safely with a qualified personal trainer.

Who is it for?

FREE for all members wanting to learn about squats or looking for a new way to boost their leg workouts. This workshop is ideal for beginners as well as experienced lifters who want to push their workouts.

What will the workshop cover?

This upper body workshop will target muscle groups from the hip upwards. We will be going through each of the different muscle groups, how to train them, what formats to use for specific goals as well as which muscles you should train together. We’ll cover what works well together and the range or equipment that can be used. Upper body workouts are just as important as lower body, as you need well rounded strength in the whole body otherwise you may cause injury to yourself. This is a great way to gain confidence and knowledge within the gym. Importantly, you’ll gain a good understanding of training formats for specific goals. 

“There’s something about shrugs that I find uplifting” – Alex Cole


How can I book on?

Members can book through our app UOP Sport, online or at either St Paul’s or Spinnaker Sports Centres


This workshop forms part of our gym programme launching in January 2019. For more information, please visit our gym programme page, check out our other articles or email sport@port.ac.uk.

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