Campus Sport Results: 2017/18 – Semester 1

As our Campus Sport League comes to a close this semester, we want to highlight the achievements of our teams!

This semester, we have had over 700 students take part in our Campus Sport programme.
We’ve had weekly fixtures in our Football, Futsal and Netball leagues, and monthly fixtures for our Badminton, Tennis and Squash competitions.
Thanks to all teams and participants who have taken part in Campus Sport this semester! The winners of each league can be found below!


Register for Campus Sport Semester 2!

If you’d like to take part in one of our next Campus Sport leagues, registration will be opening on Friday 8th December! The following leagues below will be taking place next semester.

“This is the third term we’ve done this, and we love it! It’s so well organised and fun. A few of us are on the Athletic Union team, and that is so serious that this is a nice break. Everyone’s fair and friendly and just gets on with it. I would highly recommend it!” 
Matthew Addison, International Relations (Postgraduate)


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Football (Various)

  • Price per Team: £55 – £165
  • Sign-up Deadline: 15/01/18
  • League Starts w/c: 22/01/18
  • Weekly Fixtures


  • Price per Team: £60
  • Sign-up Deadline: 20/01/18
  • League Starts w/c: 27/01/18
  • Weekly Fixtures


  • Price per Team: £40
  • Sign-up Deadline: 20/01/18
  • League Starts w/c: 27/01/18
  • Weekly Fixtures


  • Price per Team: £50
  • Sign-up Deadline: 16/01/18
  • League Starts w/c: 23/01/18
  • Weekly Fixtures




11-a-side Football (Saturday)

Unreal Madrid

11-a-side Football (Sunday)


5-a-side Football

Kroos Control

6-a-side Football

Hapax Legomemon Athletic

7-a-side Football

Southsea Kittens

Staff Football

Port Royal Pirates


Division 1: Fred Tyler
Division 2: Hanad Kc


Division 1: Jon Latter
Division 2: Sesh Nadathur
Division 3: Richard Lowton
Division 4: Ritanjan Das
Division 5: Elliot Baczala


Angolian’s Mafia


Portsmouth Panthers


To Be Confirmed
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