Case Study: Reon Seleman / Get Active (Swimming)

Name: Reon Seleman

Age: 22

Course: BSC Human Physiology (Hons)

Sport: Swimming (Get Active) 

Had you participated in this sport before attending the Get Active session for the first time? 

I took up swimming as I was doing athletics training. During my routine I pulled my left quad muscle, following that I got shin splints followed by tendinitis in the high ankle. This decommissioned me from any high impact sports/training, and I was recommended to cycle or swim to maintain fitness until fully recovered. I did not learn to swim as a child due to a fear of water, and such carried onto my adult hood. I decided to tackle my fear and jumped in a pool and slowly taught myself to swim. With this, I discovered the fulfilling sensation and enjoyment of swimming, and decided there and then I want to become the best swimmer I can be and go as far as I can with it as a sport.”

What do you enjoy most about the session?

“The ability to try out something new regardless of skill level or background of the sport. Meeting people new to the sport like myself, or those who have been swimming their whole life. Finally, the choice of doing your own thing, as well as the option of doing a set piece.”

What were your expectations before coming along to the sessions?

“I was slightly worried as I was a beginner swimmer, I was not sure what to expect other than to come and swim with other people.”

Would you consider joining the Athletic Union Club in this sport?

“Because of the experiences I have had with joining some of the Get Active sessions, I have now joined the Athletic Union, as part of the Swimming club.”

Do you feel attending these sessions has had a positive impact on your student experience? If so how?

“I do feel it had a positive impact. As you meet new people, whether new to the university or to the club, or been around for a while. Seeing people who have the same passion, but having such different other goals such as university courses. Also attending the session, I was welcomed to nights out, which opened up more social aspects.”

Reon attended the Get Active, Stay Active Pool Party on 15th October 2016. Free swimming is available everyday on the Get Active, Stay Active Programme. For more information on Get Active, Stay Active and all sports available in this programme, click here.

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