Dance Off 2017

Dance Off 2017 – UP for Sport Success!

Dance Off 2017Annual Dance Off brings together University student dance coaches, local school children and local street dance performers!

Now in its 13th year, the University of Portsmouth’s annual Schools Dance Off event took place at the Kings Theatre on Thursday 2 February.
The Department of Sport and Recreation worked in partnership with University of Portsmouth Dance Club to recruit 14 coaches. They helped to deliver street dance coaching in ten local primary schools.
Working under the University’s community outreach programme, UP for Sport, coaches delivered ten weeks of coaching in schools to 189 pupils aged 9-14 years. All schools and coaches worked hard in a bid to win the Dance Off Winner title.

There was much excitement and anticipation during the day as everyone arrived at the theatre to start rehearsals. Emotions increased when the doors opened for the audience to take their seats. This year’s theme of the competition was ‘Around the World’ with performances dedicated to continents including South America, Africa and Asia. Performances were judged by University Dance Club committee members. Judging categories included dance crew chemistry, choreography and interpretation of theme.

Special guest performances included the University of Portsmouth Dance Club, showing a mix of their contemporary and hip hop dances. Young performers from local street dance school Most Wanted also provided performances on the night. The talent demonstrated by all of our guest performers blew away both pupils and audience.

In addition, the standard of the schools performances were higher than ever this year. Each school showed off their hard work by wowing the audience and judges. However, as with every competition, there can only be one winner. St John’s Catholic Primary School, coached by Abbie McElroy and Amber Phillips, claimed the winning trophy at the end of the night.

St John’s Catholic Primary School

St John’s Catholic Primary School receive their winning trophy

When asked to provide a quote, one of our coaches stated: “Loved the experience! It was thoroughly enjoyable and extremely rewarding!”

We would like to thank everyone involved for their commitment and effort in making this years event bigger than ever.

The UP for Sport website contains for more information on Dance Off and other programmes run in partnership with local schools.

Photography on the night was provided by Naomi Baker.