Langstone Spring and Summer Prices

With the sun staying out a bit later, it’s the perfect time to get outside and play some sports. Check out our ridiculously cheap prices for football (5/6/7/11 a-side pitches available), netball or tennis.

As the season comes to a close many of our block bookings have finished and we have more space available than usual. Why not grab a group of friends and head down to Langstone Sports Site for a kick about, a full game or get some pre-season training under your belt.


Our Langstone Spring and Summer prices have been slashed to make it more affordable for you. Bookable 7 days in advance, you can play football, netball, or tennis on our fantastic courts and pitches. You can play football on our FIFA accredited 3G pitch 11 or 7 a-side, as well as booking it for a competitive match (2 hour booking) for only £85. You can play 6 a-side football on our sand based astro for only £12, and play in our 5 a-side cages for only £9 an hour. At these fantastic prices, you’d be hard pushed to find better value in the city.


If netball or tennis is more your thing, we’ve got you covered. You can hire a netball court for only £8 per hour, and a tennis court for only £4. Whether you’re a Saracen’s Mavericks fan trying to spur them into the playoffs or you’re in training for next season, come down to Langstone. If you’re an aspiring tennis pro, or just want to get a little rally going in the sunshine, get a court booked. Did we mention booking a tennis court is FREE for members?


Langstone Spring and Summer Prices


You can book, 7 days in advance, over the phone, online, through our mobile app ‘UOP Sport’ or by popping into St Paul’s Gym or Spinnaker Sports Centre. If you’re not already a member with us.


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Please be aware during exams our sports halls get taken over between 13 May and 7 June. This means there is no facility indoors for racket sports, football, or netball. If you’re a gym user and want to know when you may face disruptions in the gym please visit



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