NFL American Football Programme

Portsmouth Destroyers become NFL Ambassadors for local community outreach programme


The NFL (National Football League) UK’s Flag Football programme is expanding throughout the UK and Ireland this year. Consequently Portsmouth will be a focus for the next 2 years. January 2019 will see Portsmouth Destroyers, our University’s American Football Team, deliver the 12 week NFL programme to local schools. As a result of Subway fully funding the scheme, local children will be able to try the exciting team sport of non-contact American Football.

Jason Brisbane, Head of Community for NFL UK, has been working with Portsmouth Destroyers and the Sports Development team to recruit and train coaches. Known as NFL Ambassadors, students will deliver this inclusive game to boys and girls in the local community. Children will not only the learn the skills involved in American Football, but, the NFL’s core values. A big part of the game, respect, integrity and responsibility will aid the development of character and encourage an increase in physical activity levels. As a result of the training the 18 students, who are now NFL Ambassadors, will be sharing their knowledge and teaching children. Additionally, they’ll enhance their employability through developing skills such as communication, organisation and leadership.

What happens after the 12 weeks?

The 12 week programme culminates in an inter-schools tournament. This offers an opportunity for the local children to display their newly learnt skills while representing their school. The winners go on to compete at a Regional tournament with the ultimate prize being a National schools tournament at Wembley. This is a fantastic new partnership for the University and NFL UK. Portsmouth Destroyers have been instrumental in setting up the partnership which will see American Football introduced in local schools.

Interested in trying out American Football contact the club through their website or their facebook page. However, if you’re interested in volunteering head to our coaching and volunteering pages.
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