Pilates for Beginners NEW 5-Week Course

Pilates is great for increasing strength and improving posture and mobility

If you are new to Pilates then this course is perfect for you. This course will focus on spinal mobility and strength and our friendly instructor will teach you the key exercises to set you up to move onto the improver course or feel confident in drop-in classes.


Course Details

Course Name: Pilates for Beginners

Date: 18th November – 16th December

Time: Every Sunday 12:30-1:30pm

Location: Spinnaker Sports Centre

Course Length: 5 Weeks

Cost: £31.50 for Members / £47.50 for Non-Members

For: Beginners


What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates developed the physical fitness system in the early 20th century and focuses on the mind-body connection. While doing the various exercises your mind needs to be constantly aware of your breathing and the way your body moves. Moves can be modified to provide either a gentle strength training program or a challenging workout, most people would have no problem with this form of exercise. This course is ideal for anyone that is keen to strengthen their core and improve athletic performance. Advocates such as Andy Murray, Venus Williams and Victoria Pendleton have all used pilates in their quest to become top of their game. The crossover from the course will show in all areas of your exercise routine.


What are we offering?

Our 5 week beginner course is an opportunity to learn the basic exercises and technique in a smaller group than a drop in class. Starting at the very beginning you will learn the correct setup and basic execution of the base moves of Pilates.


If you would like to book this course please contact us at either St Paul’s Gym or Spinnaker Sports Centre, alternatively call us on 023 9284 5555.
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