Change to Class Policy: No Shows

We’re changing our policy to help improve class attendance. 

  • We are introducing a new policy for reporting class ‘no shows’.
  • The new policy will be effective from Friday 4th August.
  • The new policy will help to identify members who fail to show for classes.

Effective from Friday 4th August, we will begin identifying members who have booked classes and failed to show up, marking a ‘non-attendance’. Penalties will be issued to those members identified. 

Each non-attendance to a class is a missed opportunity for another member. This causes large waiting lists which can be problematic. We changed our policy previously in January, but ‘no shows’ are still proving to be a problem for us, and our members.

Why are we changing the procedure:

For members who regularly attend classes, a wasted space can be frustrating – and we find it frustrating too. Your class instructor would rather see a class fully attended, than a half-full studio. 

If you regularly attend classes, or you cancel your attendance within 2 hours of a class starting, this change will not affect you and you will not be penalised.

Since 10th March 2017, we have had:

  • 4,271 missed spaces
  • 41% of our class no shows were repeat offenders

On the 4th of August, we will be looking back on the last few weeks of attendance and issuing the following penalties:

1-2 missed attendances: we will send you an automatic polite e-mail reminder, encouraging you to attend in future or cancel in advance.

3-4 missed attendances:  your access to booking classes online and through our app will be removed for 1 week

5+ missed attendances: your access to booking classes online and through our app will be removed for 2 weeks

If our 3-week report shows you are a repeat offender, your membership will be suspended for 1 week.  You will have no access to our classes, gym, sports halls and squash facilities. Members will be informed in advance if they are at risk to any of the above penalties.

Whilst we recognise this may seem severe, we hope taking this action will help to minimise wasted space in our classes.

We understand unique circumstances may result in missed classes (sickness or emergencies) and members will have our sympathy in these cases.

What you can do to avoid these penalties:

  • Turn up to your booked class OR
  • If you cannot attend a class, please cancel your booking at least 2 hours before the class is due to start.

How to cancel a booking:

  • Cancel a booking through our App ‘UOP Sport‘.
  • Cancel a booking using our online booking system.
  • Cancel a booking at any reception desk or call us on 02392 84 5555

If you have any questions in regards to this new policy, please call us on 02392 84 5555.

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