With Christmas approaching the temptations of Christmas themed foods and drinks will be upon us. However health and fitness is not at the top of Santa’s naughty or nice list but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Allow us to keep you on the straight and narrow to achieve your Christmas target weight goal, as we venture into the pre Christmas 6 week challenge programme.

The benefits to our 6 week programme in the lead up to Christmas include:

  • Enabling you to maintain exercise routines.
  • Efficient and effective exercise strategies.
  • Calorie saving ideas.
  • Realistic and maintainable weight loss.

Included in this one off pre Christmas 6 week programme:

  • Weight and body measurements before and after 6 weeks.
  • Weekly group session in studio 2: Fridays 17.45-18.45.
  • Optional drop in 30 minute session: Tuesdays 19.30-20.00.
  • Full access to our UOP gym fitness and nutrition app to record food and exercise.
  • Online support via a private group on the UOP Gym app.

The winner will be the participant with the greatest amount of weight lost. The winner will receive a FREE PT session bookable during the month of January 2020.

When: Friday 1 November – Friday 6 December

Cost: £32.50 Members £42.50 Non-member

So what are you waiting for, get booked on and look fabulous this Christmas party season. To book on please speak to our reception team.