Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

  • We are committed to protecting you and your personal data and as such any data collected will be processed lawfully, fairly and transparently.
  • We will collect your data for specified and legitimate purposes and not further process your data for any further reason without first asking your consent.
  • We will ensure with your help that your data is adequate, relevant and accurate for our purposes.
  • We’ll take every step to ensure that personal data that is incorrect is rectified or erased without delay, once we are made aware that is needs to be changed.
  • We will store your data appropriately and for no longer than is necessary.
  • We will also ensure your data is processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of your personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using technical and organisational measures.

Your Data

What are we going to use the data for?
We collect data from you through our interactions with you, through our sign up process when you become a member or use our facilities, or if you are a student, from information provided to the Department for Student and Academic Administration. We use your data to ensure we are running programmes, classes and activities for the right customer groups.
We do not use your data to make automated decisions about you. We do analyse your usage both physically and digitally and may suggest activities that may be of interest to you based on your previous activities.


What is our condition of processing for this data?
Most of our data is processed on a contractual basis, as you wish to become a member/user of our facilities and join for a defined term or activity. We also may contact you on a legitimate interests basis to offer you activities that may be of interest based on your usage and preferences.


Who, within Sport and Recreation, will be able to access the data?
Customer Service Staff (Customer Service Advisors, Sports Assistants, Sports Instructors, Fitness Instructors), Sports Duty Supervisors, Sport Development Team and our Senior Management Team. Access to any special category data is restricted to our Senior Management Team.


Who could the data be shared with?
Your data will not be shared or sold to a third party. Your data can however be accessed through third party companies (Gladstone and Debit Finance Company “DFC”). Gladstone provide our leisure management software, and may need to access your account to resolve technical issues, their privacy policy can be viewed here. DFC supply our direct debit membership options, the sign up process is through DFC’s website and they hold access to your details through the sign up process.

Your rights

You can at any time access your data through your online account (, on which hold all data that you provided during the sign up process, to ensure the correct usage. You can edit your details through this site, or request they be changed by emailing
You can withdraw from consenting to your information being used for marketing purposes and automated communication at any time by simply updating your preferences through your online account. However, this may not allow you to enjoy your membership in the best possible way.
You have the right to restrict and object to the use of your data by emailing, this may not be possible where you have a financial and/or contractual commitment to us. You also have the right of portability where we can transfer your data to a third party upon your request, which can be requested by emailing us on the address above.
You have the right to request your data to be erased where appropriate. This may not be possible if you have a financial and/or contractual commitment to us. If you have used our facilities, your data will be erased after 6 years of no activity.
Any requests based on your rights can take up to four weeks to be completed.
If you feel we have used your data incorrectly you can seek advice through our website, if you wish to make a complaint you can do so through the ICO (


Will the data be sent or stored outside the UK or EU?
Your digital data will be stored on our servers which are held within the University. Any paper versions of your data will be held securely within our facilities and then collected and destroyed using Restore.
Your data will be kept as long as you have a current contract with us and will be kept electronically for 6 years from your last attendance.
Your data is required to form a contract with us and to ensure your health and wellbeing during usage our our facilities/activities. Providing special category data such as sexual orientation and ethnic origin is optional.

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