Scheduled Improvements to St Paul's Gym

We’re updating how members access our gym

Access control turnstiles will be installed this month in the reception area of St Paul’s Gym on St Paul’s Road. Work will commence 5th December, and is expected to take one week. After which, the turnstiles will be configured and our staff will undertake training from 12th December onwards.

Once installed, simply swipe your campus card on the scanner to access the gym; the same as you would to enter the university library. A gate will be available for disabled and team access. Staff will be at hand to inform members on how to use the turnstiles.

By installing turnstiles, we hope to allow a seamless journey for our gym members, and remove the requirement of having to wait at the reception desk to enter the facility. The turnstiles will also improve security for our members, the facility and staff.

If you are not a member, but require access to the facility, you will need to report to the reception desk; this includes guests of members, large groups and sports hall bookings.


We’re also installing CCTV to improve security for our members

CCTV is also being installed in St Paul’s Gym. Cameras will be installed on all gym floors and outside the changing rooms. There will be no CCTV inside the changing rooms. Work will commence and go live during December.

Installation of CCTV is to improve security for our members, the facility and staff. It also meets health & safety recommendations and helps to deter criminal operations. Along with the access control turnstiles, this will help us to manage the facility more effectively and allow our staff to assist our members more efficiently.


We apologise for any disruption this may cause

Installation of these works should not interrupt your use of our facility, but we thank our members for their patience whilst work commences. We have considered carefully the time of year for these installations, and December was identified as our most ‘off-peak’ time.

We welcome any feedback on these improvements; all comments should be directed to, call us on 02392 84 5555 or please speak to a member of staff on the reception desk.

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