Six nations is coming

The Guinness Six Nations is returning this week

One of the most exciting tournaments in rugby returns this week, with all live games being shown in St Paul’s Gym. Get yourself down there, have a workout, and watch the rugby. A great way to spend a Saturday. You can find a list of the fixtures below, picking your favourite team.


To make things interesting let’s add some challenges:
Try: 20 Press Ups
Conversion: 20 Lat Pull Downs
Lineout: 25 Box Jumps or 25 Squat Jumps
Scrum: 25 Squats or 25 Lunges (25 each leg)
Penalty: 25 Kettlebell Swings
Yellow Card: 25 Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press (25 each arm)
Red Card: 50 Burpees

Round 1

France v Wales Friday 1st February, 8.00pm (Paris)

Scotland v Italy Saturday 2nd February, 2.15pm (Edinburgh)

Ireland v England, Saturday 2nd February, 4.45pm (Dublin)

Round 2

Scotland v Ireland, Saturday 9th February, 2.15pm (Edinburgh)

Italy v Wales, Saturday 9th February, 4.45pm (Rome)

England v France, Sunday 10th February, 3.00pm (Twickenham)

Round 3

France v Scotland, Saturday 23rd February, 2.15pm (Paris)

Wales v England, Saturday 23rd February, 4.45pm (Cardiff)

Italy v Ireland, Sunday 24th February, 3.00pm (Rome)

Round 4

Scotland v Wales, Saturday 9th March, 2.15pm (Edinburgh)

England v Italy, Saturday 9th March, 4.45pm (Twickenham)

Ireland v France, Sunday 10th March, 3.00pm (Dublin)

Round 5

Italy v France, Saturday 16th March, 12.30pm (Rome)

Wales v Ireland, Saturday 16th March, 2.45pm (Cardiff)

England v Scotland, Saturday 16th March, 5.00pm (Twickenham)

If you enjoy watching Rugby, why not head along to Varsity and watch the University of Portsmouth Rugby Football Club battle it out against Southampton. Tickets are on sale until 22nd February. Head to the best competition in the university calendar.


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