Sports Awards

Sports Awards – Sport and Recreation Nominees Announced!

The Sports Awards will highlight the sporting achievements of individuals, groups and teams at the University of Portsmouth for 2016/17. We believe all of our nominees are winners, so in advance of the event, we’re revealing and congratulating our nominees!

Contribution to Community

Contribution to Community celebrates the work and commitment our coaches and volunteers through the UP for Sport Programme within the local community,

University of Portsmouth Dance Club

Now in its 13th year, the UP for Sport Dance programme has been a great success with thanks to the University of Portsmouth Dance Club. The Dance Club has shown a real commitment to the programme; offering 7 lead coaches and 10 assistant coaches, engaging with 190 children across 10 schools in Portsmouth. This year, The Dance Club has shown excellent communication, passion and delivery from all lead and assistant coaches – and the feedback from children and schools taking part has been nothing less than outstanding!


James Bevan (U15 Boys’ Coach)

James Bevan is a 2nd year student studying Sport & Exercise Science. He has been Head Coach for the UOPFC U15 Boys’ team in the community for the past two seasons. He has demonstrated reliability and commitment to the programme. Not only has he developed himself as a coach, but his has shown dedication to developing his team members both as players and young people.



Prince Nwaiwu (U16 Boys’ Development Centre Coach)

Prince is currently in 3rd year studying Sport & Exercise Science. Since October this year, he has been assisting in coaching the UOPFC U16 Boys’ Development team. In partnership with coaches from Portsmouth College, he has delivered 50 hours of training sessions for young males. Well done Prince!



University of Portsmouth Cheerleading Club Committee (Shani Hector and Whitley Walters)

Shani is currently in her 3rd year studying English Language. She has progressed from Assistant Coach to Lead Coach on the UP for Sport Cheerleading Programme. This year, Shani is also Vice-President of University of Portsmouth Cheerleading Club – Portsmouth Phoenix and has been heavily involved with the organisation of the annual 'Cheer Off' event.



Whitley is currently in her 4th year studying Business and Management. She has also progressed from Assistant Coach to Lead Coach on the same programme as Shani. Whitley has demonstrated commitment to the programme and is also the President of University of Portsmouth Cheerleading Club – Portsmouth Phoenix. She has supported the Community Cheerleading Activator and the Cheerleading Vice President with the organisation of the annual 'Cheer Off' event. Great job ladies and thanks for your hard work!


Official of the Year

Official of the Year recognises exceptional commitment and performance of a referee who delivers internally on our Campus Sport programme, and externally within the community football club and local colleges.


Tom Edwards

Tom is a 2nd year student studying Sports Development who has been part of our Referee Hub since 2015. During his time as a referee he has officiated across all of our football and futsal leagues, demonstrating professionalism and commitment to the Hub, as well as accessing CPD sessions and external refereeing opportunities to develop himself and gain experience in a variety of settings as a referee. Thank you Tom for your valued contribution!


Mehmet Hussein

Next up is Mehmet, a 2nd year Sport & Exercise Science student. Having previously completed his FA Referee qualification at home, Mehmet joined the Referee Hub in his first year of study. Mehmet officiated regularly on our weekly Campus Sport leagues in his first year, but has continued on to deliver with local colleges and internal fixtures within the University’s BUCS teams. Well done Mehmet!



Edd Stolliday

Our final nomination for Official of the Year is Edd! Edd is a final year student studying Combined Modern Languages. As well as officiating across several Campus Sport leagues in his 3 years with the Referee Hub, he is also our Football Activator who co-ordinates & delivers the student football leagues. Edd is an experienced referee who performs at a high level consistently, has observed and mentored other student referees, and has shown a high level of commitment to the Referee Hub. Thanks for your hard work Edd!

Coach of the Year

Coach of the Year recognises an individual within our coaching workforce who delivers to a high standard on internal or external community programmes, whilst also demonstrating dedication to their personal development.


Laura Grubb (University of Portsmouth Football Club U12 Girls’ Coach)

Laura Grubb is currently in her 2nd year studying Sports Development. She joined the UOPFC coaching team in 2015 as an Assistant Coach for the current U12 Girls’ team. She is now the Head Coach & Manager of the team. Laura is an extremely dedicated coach who is passionate about providing football opportunities to young females in Portsmouth. In addition to her coaching role for UOPFC, she has also delivered sessions in local primary schools in order to promote the club and increase participants at sessions. Your hard work is truly appreciated Laura!


George Davis (University of Portsmouth Football Club U12 Boys’ Coach)

George is currently in his 2nd year studying Sports Development. On joining the University with previous coaching experience and qualifications, he started as Assistant Coach for the current U12 Boys’ team. He is now the Manager & Head Coach for the team which has seen a huge increase in new players this season. Thanks George!



Abbey McElroy – (UP for Sport, Dance Coach)

Abbey is currently in her 3rd year studying Law. She has progressed from Assistant Coach to Lead Coach on the UP for Sport Dance Programme, showing a real passion for the role. Abbey has coached 2 schools this year on the programme, with one of them winning the Dance Off title. She has also shown commitment to her role with excellent communication, coaching and positivity throughout the programme. Thanks Abbey!



Rachel Abbott – (UP for Sport, Cheerleading Coach)

Rachel Abbot is in her 3rd year studying Psychology. She has progressed from assistant coach to lead coach on the UP for Sport Cheerleading Programme. Rachel’s coaching and mentoring has shone throughout the programme. During her sessions, she has displayed excellent planning, structure and attention to detail. She has also impressed us with her level of mentoring towards her assistant coach. At the end of the programme, Rachel also received some fantastic feedback from both the children and school she taught in. Thanks for your hard work Rachel!

Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year recognises a volunteer within our workforce that has committed their personal time to engage students or the community within sport.


Bartosz Milewski (Handball Activator & University of Portsmouth Football Club U15 Coach)

Bartosz is a 3rd year Sports Development student who started volunteering for Sport and Recreation last year as a Football Coordinator. After showing desire to progress further, he took on the role of Handball Activator and delivered many successful drop-in sessions. He is now the president of the Handball Society which he also helped to established. Bartosz also assists in the training and matches of our University of Portsmouth Football Club U15 team on a weekly basis. Great job Bartosz!



Zaki Barnett (Badminton Coordinator)

Zaki is a 1st year Psychology student who has volunteered as a Badminton Coordinator for the last two years. The feedback from his sessions are always extremely positive. Zaki always puts in maximum effort to ensure high numbers are engaged each week. His organisation skills are excellent and everybody gets a fair opportunity to participate in his sessions. Thanks Zaki!



Jess Burke (University of Portsmouth Football Club U14 Girls Coach)

Jess is a 2nd year student studying Sport & Exercise Science. She has volunteered approximately 40 hours of her time with University of Portsmouth Football Club. As Assistant Coach to the U14 Girls’ team, she has delivered weekly training sessions and provided assistance on match days. She is committed to developing herself as a coach and has started to obtain her FA Level 2 qualification. Great progress Jess!



Abhay Vashistha (Football Co-ordinator & University of Portsmouth Football Club U15 Boys’ Coach)

Abhay is a 2nd year Sports Development student who currently has two roles within Sport and Recreation. Whilst coaching our University of Portsmouth Football Club U14 Boys, he also dedicates every Friday evening to the Get Active, Stay Active Football drop-in. Coordinating 40 students on a Friday night is surprisingly harder than the U14’s, but Abhay does an amazing job! 



Activator of the Year

Activator of the Year recognises an Activator who coordinates a Campus Sport league or Get Active, Stay Active session to a high standard whilst also contributing to the development of their particular sport.


Emily Seaman (Dodgeball Activator)

Emily is in her 3rd year of Human Physiology and is also Vice President of the Dodgeball Club. As our Dodgeball Activator, Emily has overseen a group of 40 beginner and intermediate participants over the last year. In term two, she created a Dodgeball Campus Sport League with six teams competing. The conversion from drop-in to league could not have happened without Emily’s hard work and clear communication. Thanks for your dedication, Emily!



Helder Peixoto (Basketball Activator)

Helder is a 2nd year Civil Engineering student and President of the Basketball Club. In a year and a half, Helder has developed the Get Active, Stay Active Basketball drop-in from 10 participants to 30 regular attendees. He has successfully used his Activator status within the Basketball Club to engage anyone who wants a social game on the weekend. Great job Helder!



Annabel Matthews-Smith (Running Activator)

Annabel is a 2nd year Sport Science student and Running Activator for Sport and Recreation. Historically, this role has been hard for previous student volunteers, but Annabel did exceptionally well to engage beginners in a session. She also successfully engaged participants to take part in her local Parkrun at Southsea. Thanks to Annabel's commitment and hard work, she's laid the path for the next Running Activator. We really appreciate your hard work Annabel!



Tom Haver (Referee Activator)

Tom is in his 2nd year studying Mathematics. Before coming to the University of Portsmouth, he was already qualified as a referee. After showing his commitment, dedication and passion for officiating during his first year, he was appointed as our Football Referee Activator for 2016/17. This academic year, Tom has recruited and mentored 28 referees across our Football & Futsal Campus Sport programme. He has also provided CPD opportunities and external paid work for our Referee Hub members. Thanks for your hard work Tom!



Outstanding Achievement

Outstanding Achievement is awarded to an individual who has gone above and beyond in their role, working closely with the Sports Development Team and partners including National Governing Bodies and the Students' Union.


David Hillier (Rugby Activator)

David is currently completing a degree in MSc Business and Management. He coordinates O2 Touch Rugby sessions that sees 40 participants attend at HMS Temeraire each week. He has also supported local rugby clubs by sourcing players from within the University teams when numbers are low. David has excelled in this, smashing his targets by placing over 60 players in more than 200 opportunities. Great work David!



Emily Radford (Volleyball Activator)

Emily is a 1st year Applied Languages student and leads the Get Active, Stay Active volleyball beginner lessons. She recruited a record number of 37 participants to learn the basics of the game. She also broke another record with 17 continuing onto the next level in term two. This success is down to Emily’s in-depth session plans and creative ways of communicating with her participants, keeping them engaged. Thanks Emily!



Brooke Hockley (UP for Sport, Cheerleading Activator)

Brooke is a 3rd year student studying Television and Broadcasting. She has progressed from Assistant Coach to Lead Coach and is now the Community Cheerleading Activator. Brooke has demonstrated excellent organisation and communication skills within this new role. She fully supports all of the Cheerleading coaches by mentoring, communicating and covering sessions when required. She has also worked closely with the Sport and Recreation Department and Portsmouth Phoenix Cheerleaders as part of the UP for Sport programme.


Winners will be announced during the evening celebration at the prestigious Portsmouth Guildhall on Wednesday 3rd May 2017.

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This event is delivered in a joint partnership between The University of Portsmouth Students' Union and the Department of Sport and Recreation.