Tennis Activator Case Study: Emma Boucher



Name: Emma Boucher

Age: 21

Course: Sports Development

Role: Tennis Activator


What did you enjoy most about your role?

“Having the opportunity to provide tennis sessions for university students and consequently seeing them benefit and improve due to these sessions. I also enjoyed working alongside the LTA and gaining a deeper understanding of how they work internally and their new initiatives, objectives and direction for the future of British Tennis and more specifically university tennis.”

What skills did you develop whilst in the role?

“Throughout my time as tennis activator I have developed my employability, leadership, communication and organisational skills. The skills I have acquired from volunteering have reflected in my degree, by meeting deadlines and volunteering for leadership roles in event led tasks.”

How have the Sports Development staff helped you develop?

 The Sports Development staff have helped me to develop my employability, by providing interview tips and guidance. They have always provided support when executing my role and have now given me the best possible opportunities to further develop professionally and personally.”

Do you feel more employable following the role?

“Yes! This role has given me real work experiences within a large NGB, who after graduation I look to work for full time. The role has upskilled me professionally and personally and the skills and experience I have gained will make me stand out in future job interviews.”